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About Libya


Libya highlights

A land of majestic ruins, world heritage site of Leptis Magna, ancient Roman cities, old city of Tripoli, capital of the Garamantain empire, desert experience and Sabha Oasis. Libya is one of the greatest travel destinations in the world. A fascinating country, not only rich in cultural heritage and ancient treasures, but boasting great beaches, excellence beauty of the Mediterranean sea Warm sun, warm hearts. A great country with a great history, a country of breathtaking beauty. High mountain chains are just one of the beauties of its fabulous landscape with green fields and sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches. The desert, watered by magnificent oasis, extends far into Africa. Fabulous villages and cities scattered amongst meadows, with oasis everywhere. Historical monuments forests, towering mountains... and a warm Libyan Arab welcome.

Libya's strategic, geographical position and profound history make it a vital link between the eastern and western parts of the Arab world, and between Europe and Africa. The country has known its ups and downs, but the historical monuments are a testimony of the great Libyan civilization of old. Look at the engravings of the AKAKUS Mountains, the drawings in the MATCHANDOUSH caves.

The cities of GERMA, ZENKEKRA, and SABHA' in the south, and the historical city of GIRZA in the center. Libya has played host to many civilizations, and has enriched civilization in its turn, with writings, drawings and engravings in the caves of TADRART Mountains, and archaeological treasures from ATAFT.

The Phoenician, Roman, and Byzantine ports of TRIPOLI, SEBRATHA, LEPTIC MAGNA, SYREN, APPOLONIA, TOCCRA, and THOLMIDA. The old Islamic cities such as SIRT, DARNA, and AJDABIYA, and other cities in the heart of the desert, including GHADAMES, ZWILA, JALU, OJELA, GHAT, and FEZZAN. Not forgetting the places and fortresses of GHARYAN, MIZDAH, AL-QARYAT, YEFREN, JADU, NALUT, MISALLATA, and AWAYNAT.

The first site most tourists visit is TRIPOLI, Libya's biggest city, the queen of the seas. It is an historical site. The city of Islamic civilization, Arab art and handicraft, where every monument tells a story. TRIPOLI has changed little since its foundation in the first millennium BC. It is still a lush garden filled with olive trees, palms, grapevines, and orange groves. The city has a wealth of old and new monuments.

Travel east or west, to nearby SEBRATHA, LEPTIC MAGNA, and soak up all the history. Shopping is a great pleasure, especially in the popular markets where you can buy a great variety of Libyan handicrafts such as traditional clothes, carpets, handmade gold and silver, copper and silver dishes, leather goods, and pottery.

Libya offers you two thousand kilometers of splendid beaches, and some beautiful small cities each with its typical architecture and special characteristics, like ZWARA, TUBRUK, MISRATAH, AZAWIYA, AL-KHUMS, and ZLITAN.

The jewel of the desert is GHADAMES, a long of natural beauty, important monuments and a distinctive architectural style for which it is famous. Libya may be the land of ancient civilizations, but it also looks to the future. It is a country of peace. Libya, a land touched by history.


Libya Map Libya, the fourth largest state in Africa, is located in North Africa and lies between latitudes 33°N and approximately 20°N and longitudes 8°E and 25°E. It possesses a Mediterranean coastline of approximately 1820 Km in length. It is bordered by Egypt to the east, Sudan to the southeast, Chad and Niger to the south with Algeria and Tunisia to the west and northwest respectively. Libya has an area of approximately 1,775,500 sq. km, 3 times the surface area of France, and a population of about 5,750,000 (2005), the capital city being Tarabulus (Tripoli).


Due to the lack of natural barriers, the climate is greatly influenced by the desert to the south and the Mediterranean Sea to the north.

The coastal regions have a Mediterranean climate with moderate temperatures and enough rain during the winter months for grain farming. In Tripoli average temperatures are 30 deg C (86 deg F) in summer and 8 deg C (46 deg F) in winter; annual precipitation averages 380 mm (15 in) and falls mainly in winter. The mountains of the Jabal Al-Akhdar attract considerably more reliable rainfall in winter and early spring, while in summer the heights are cooler than the surrounding plains.

Semiarid conditions predominate in the AL MARJ and JAFFARA plains, and in the southern deserts frequent periods of drought occur.

A scorching wind called the "GIBLI" which is a hot, very dry, sand laden wind which can raise the temperatures in a matter of hours to between 40 deg C and 50 deg C, occasionally blows into the usually humid coastal towns. The wind is most noticeable in W Libya and is often associated with the spring solstice.

Libyan Currency

The Libyan Diner is the standard currency, which is divided into 1,000 Dirham witch called Diner.

Notes are issued in 20 - 10 - 5 - 1 - .5 and .25. Coins are 25 - 10 and 05 dirham, but are rarely used these days.

Please check with you tour operator, host or Libyan Embassy. There are also many banks (see banks) in all the major cities, and you can always make any exchanges at any of them. Credit Cards are acceptable in Libya (specially Visa Card and MasterCard).

General Information

Libyan Electricity service uses standard 240V power system. But please note that adapter plug sizes might vary, it is advised that you bring an international adapter with you.

Libyan hours of business are from 7:00 am to 14:00 p.m. (summer) and 8:00 am to 15:00 p.m. (winter). Private business and shops operate differently and are usually open late. If traveling in Ramadan (the Islamic Holy month), the working habits are changed; businesses are usually opened after sunset.

Libya's official time is GMT+2 and the time does not change between summer and winter.

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